The collection (nude) F-W 17-18: A flirt between victorian golden age and the sporty street attitude of the moment that presents itself as a dialogue between past, present and future.An androginous, seductive beauty flittering from femminine opulence to sportswear and oversized styles influenced by 80’s classics. All these different elements live happily together in an orderly chaos of stimuli.The absolute protagonist of the collection is knitwear, romantic, luxurious on one side and architectural and intentionally plain for special volumes on the other.There are pullover, cardigans, dresses and jackets along with coats and pants which are all made from knitwear.Jacquard with brocade effect of flower motives have been overdyed with great artisan ability for a vintage flavor. They come along with animalier motifs for fine and havy gauge knits treated like woven fabric. Lamina has been placed parcially on ruffles and sleeves or allover the garment playing with the surface and consistency of the clothes. There is a return of rib-knits for a new slim silhouette embellished with ruffles and openings. Puff-sleeves, large or overlong sleeves put focus on shoulders and arms whereas opera necklines enhance bare shoulders. Cable knits with unexpected cut out further than patchwork of norwegian jacquard with lurex  present a continuous match between rustic and refined.Mini volumes which underline the new proportions of a higher and small waist are contrasted by signature sweaters, oversized with a ‘boyfriend’ allure.The outfit is completed by styles of fluid velvet, crushed or aged, silk satin a lace. Precious materials with intense colors on one side, hand-dyed, raw hems and ladder-runs on the other turn out to be chic and sophisticated with a ‘grungy’ taste.Colours are dense, warm and opulent:golden-yellows, rust, fuxia, deep-purple, emerald, peacock-green, milk-white, chalk, powder pink , asphalt and black.